Handwriting Analysis

big chair 1Handwriting Analysis is the science of gleaning true information about a person solely from handwriting. Handwriting reveals strengths, weaknesses, how you think and learn, how you handle money and time, relate to others, communicate with others and much more! The analysis is kept light and fun and takes about 5 minutes per person. Sue has analyzed over 40,000 handwritings for business and entertainment since 1976.

Handwriting Analysis for senior graduation parties
All information is gleaned from 2 paragraphs of the graduate's handwriting. The graphologist will talk with each graduate about their talents, skill, personality traits and what career would be best for them to pursue.

Compatibility Analysis for couples parties
See how compatible you are with your partner!! Handwriting Analysis is also great for corporate events, boat cruises, company picnics and private parties such as “Women's Night Out”.